The Miracle of Red

No matter how many times I look at Red, I still absolutely love it. All shades of it! Probably because it reflects my characters in so many ways: loud, passionate, a bit crazy and a bit reckless. It is always on edge and provoking, it catches attention and attracts energy. It is full of life and excitement and every woman should own a red dress or a red pairs of shoe and definitely a red lipstick in her own fashion/beauty collection.

I know we all have a complicated relationship with Red. We are attracted and repulsed by it at the same time. There is a certain fear when wearing it: "Is it too much?", " Do I look too stand out?", "Do they think that I am too attention-seeking?" but as you put it on you will also be like: "It is so bright and nice and I love it"; " It definitely creates a statement with this outfit"; "Gosh I look kinda hot" ( I know secretly you think so, ladies). The good news about it is that red can go with many colors to create any look and feel. If you think it can only be either sexual or tacky, you've made a big mistake. 

Red and Black - the classic contrast can create a wonderful mix of mystery, chic, luxurious and professional. Try red top with black vest or suit, the appearance of red in the outfit will create a tasteful, subtle but powerfully chic appearance. 
Red and Blue - is definitely my favorite pair. Do it well you can have the most versatile combination ever. If you follow preppy style, a checker cardigan with red skirt or black skirt, blue shirt with classic collar will make you look younger but still sophisticated.
Red and White - nothing can ever go wrong with this combination since it can everything: fresh and chic, casual and chic, and formal and chic. A white top and a red skirt or vice versa are must-have items in any women's wardrobe. 

So don't ever shy away from red and think of it as a "too much" color. Next time when you pick up something bright red, try to make it work by balancing out other elements around it. You will definitely have fun wearing red like I do and fashion like anything, it is about experimenting and experiencing. and Trust me, nothing can express your life energy better than this fiery amazing living color - RED.




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