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All women were born beautiful!

Posted on June 15 2016

As the owner and main designer of Destiny Chic, I am so happy to work with so many incredible women who are beautiful outside and inside. They work so hard to take care of their family and their loved ones while take very good care of themselves as well. Some of them went on an incredible journey to lose weight, some even lost 30-85kg to look beautiful in their wedding dresses. I am sure they were already beautiful before but it is always better to stay active and become a bit toner. Their journeys make me feel more confident with what I chose to do and remind me why I do what I am doing. All women were born beautiful. Not all of us have the supermodel's body but we will all look beautiful in our own way and our own style. That is why I design clothes for women of all shapes and sizes and custom-make them so they fit my customers well.
We can all look like a million bucks with a well-fitted dress and a design that compliments our unique body shape!


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