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Black Swan Lace dress



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We think hard about whether we should release this dress but black lace has its unique mysterious attractiveness which scream luxury. It is royal and sophisticated and it works so well with any function.
Hand-cut and hand-trim lace to the finest details, we are proud to bring this beautiful dress to you for your important day: wedding, prom, formal, birthday party, engagement or any day you see it fit.
The wow will be heard every where when you enter the room with it.

This item is one of our number 1 selling products and we have received 100% satisfaction with it. Our customers have been praising it numerously for its beautiful fit and high-quality.   

 The dress is fully lined and has 4 layers: Main lace fabric; the first lining, one layer of tulle net, one more lining layer.

If you want the dress to be as fluffy as the picture, we suggest you to wear a petticoat underneath. If you want to buy the extra petticoat layer made by us, please send us a message to discuss further.

You can also choose how do you want us to pleat the skirt of the dress: big pleats or small pleats, we listed photos with both big pleats and small pleats here for you to see. 

You can have this dress made in a standard size or you can have this dress custom-made to your own measurements. 

If you choose your specific measurements, please send us these measurements via the note sections in when you place the order: 

1. Bust – the biggest part of your chest with a comfortable bra on
2. Underbust – the circle immediately under your chest
3. Waist – the smallest part of your waist – 1-2 inches above the belly button
4. Hips – the largest part of your hip 
5. Shoulder width from tip to tip – however, please use a dress which fits well on your shoulders, measure this distance and send it to us 
6. Shoulder to waist – distance from the corner of your shoulder and neck, over your chest straight down to your waist line - however, please use a dress which fits well on the smallest part of your waist, measure this distance and send it to us.
7. Shoulder to chest (from the corner of your shoulder and neck straight down to nipple)
8. Armhole – wrap the measure tape around one of your shoulder and armpit
9. Length of the dress
10. Your height
11. Your phone number for shipping

The dress can be made in different length: higher than knee length, knee length, tea length, calf length, floor length based on your height and your preference and with extra charge.

This dress is non-refundable since it is made to order, in case the mistake is genuinely made by us, you can receive reimbursement following our return and refund policies. Shipping is not refunded!

Handwash only



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